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Berkley Bullet Pop

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California Proposition 65 Warning

WARNING: These products may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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Crafted to deliver exciting top water action, the Berkley® Bullet Pop combines versatility and proven popper action. It’s sleek tail weighted design provides excellent casting performance while the tapered back provides a flat surface for added flash. Not only does the Bullet Pop’s cupped mouth deliver a classic spit and surface swell but its unique balance allows anglers of all skill levels to easily walk it with near 180 degree turns with minimal movement. The Berkley® Bullet Pop is ideal for both covering open water and targeting cover.

Justin Lucas Pro Tip 70: All-purpose size and sound for a variety of situations. Keep a tight line for a spitting action and a semi-slack line for a popping and walking action.

Justin Lucas Pro Tip 60: Perfect for ponds and calm conditions when fish are targeting smaller bait.

  • Tail weighted design tuned for maximum casting distance
  • Versatile, easy to use popping and walking action
  • Tapered back adds flash and surface disturbance
  • Subtle clicking sound to draw in fish
  • Equipped with sharp Fusion19™ hooks

28 Models Available

Model Style Color Length Stock Price Qty
BHBBP60-BBB BBB Baby Bass 60 mm. Out of Stock $7.49
BHBBP60-BKCH BKCH Black Chrome 60 mm. Out of Stock $7.49
BHBBP60-BNE BNE Bone 60 mm. Out of Stock $7.49
BHBBP60-CJS CJS CJ Shad 60 mm. Out of Stock $7.49
BHBBP60-DAN DAN Danald 60 mm. Out of Stock $7.49
BHBBP60-GHBG GHBG Ghost Bluegill 60 mm. Out of Stock $7.49
BHBBP60-GHW GHW Ghost White 60 mm. Out of Stock $7.49
BHBBP60-MFBG MFBG MF Bluegill 60 mm. Out of Stock $7.49
BHBBP60-MFF MFF MF Frog 60 mm. In Stock: 5+ $7.49
BHBBP60-MFS MFS MF Shad 60 mm. Out of Stock $7.49
BHBBP60-OGB OGB OG Blue 60 mm. Out of Stock $7.49
BHBBP60-PGH PGH Perfect Ghost 60 mm. Out of Stock $7.49
BHBBP60-SXB SXB Sexy Back 60 mm. Out of Stock $7.49
BHBBP70-BBB BBB Baby Bass 70 mm. Out of Stock $7.49
BHBBP70-BKCH BKCH Black Chrome 70 mm. Out of Stock $7.49
BHBBP70-BNE BNE Bone 70 mm. Out of Stock $7.49
BHBBP70-CJS CJS CJ Shad 70 mm. Low Stock: <5 $7.49
BHBBP70-DAN DAN Danald 70 mm. Out of Stock $7.49
BHBBP70-GHBG GHBG Ghost Bluegill 70 mm. Out of Stock $7.49
BHBBP70-GHW GHW Ghost White 70 mm. Out of Stock $7.49
BHBBP70-MAV MAV Maverick 70 mm. Low Stock: <5 $7.49
BHBBP70-MFBG MFBG MF Bluegill 70 mm. Out of Stock $7.49
BHBBP70-MFF MFF MF Frog 70 mm. In Stock: 5+ $7.49
BHBBP70-MFS MFS MF Shad 70 mm. Out of Stock $7.49
BHBBP70-OGB OGB OG Blue 70 mm. Out of Stock $7.49
BHBBP70-PGH PGH Perfect Ghost 70 mm. Out of Stock $7.49
BHBBP70-SXB SXB Sexy Back 70 mm. Out of Stock $7.49
BHBP60-MAV MAV Maverick 60 mm. Out of Stock $7.49

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Berkley Bullet Pop - BHBBP70-CJS
Berkley Bullet Pop - BHBBP70-CJS
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